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Online webinar about newborn care: bath, eyes care and nappies

Newborn care

How to take care of a Newborn Baby?

It won’t be scary for you anymore! 🤩

You will see with your own eyes what the healing umbilical stump looks like 👶

and other more or less pleasant, but absolutely everyday – flavors 😉

???? The workshop is a recording. It will be available for 30 days after purchase.

🕧 The recording lasts 1h 6min


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Sign up for a workshop and you will learn:

✅ What about the navel?

✅ Olive or emollient?

✅ Cradle cap – facts and myths

✅ How to take care of a child’s bottom? What will be useful and what is better to get rid of in the care of a newborn.

✅ How to bathe a newborn baby – practical tips from a midwife

✅ Bath in a bucket?

The webinar is conducted by a midwife with over 30 years of experience – Izabela Chromiec, well known to mothers in Tricity😉

🏡Where? In your house! The workshops are held online

💰 Workshop is available for 30 days from order date.

Attention! You cannot return this recording!

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